Saturday, August 17th at 6:30pm
Downtown Greenville Theatre on College Street

Sam Inman

Sam Inman, Lead Lipper for “AutoCorrect and The Bitchin’ Syncs”
When he’s not losing his 32 different passwords and proving he’s not a robot, Sam can be found emceeing athletic events, photographing places, people, things, and of course the Cancer Survivors Park, all while running, cycling, or taking long walks on short piers, usually at dawn or dusk. Most post-dawns, Sam handles Non-Scalpel Interactions with short-term and long-term patients at the Bon Secours St Francis Cancer Treatment Center in “Grauldin”, that strip of land between Greenville and Mauldin, unrecognized by both the County and the United Nations. Sam worked in commercial banking most of his career but found the slapstick humor, constant partying, daily birthday celebrations, excessive debits and credits, PowerPoint-induced dance offs, waning number of mega-mergers, and scribbles outside the spreadsheet lines more than he could bear. Now as AutoCorrect the Lipper, Sam is a highly unpaid consultant for those looking to make a 720-degree change in their lives.

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