Saturday, August 17th at 6:30pm
Downtown Greenville Theatre on College Street

Mechelle Allen

I come from a long line of female lip sync-ers: strong women who can mouth whole conversations across graveside services and wedding chapels without making a noise:

“Girl, can you believe she wore that hat again?

I know, right?

At least she found her a hunk.

‘Cept SHE bought HIM the Lexus.


It’s a new world, girl, all I’m sayin’.

I still think she could’ve sprung for a new hat….”

I mean, I’m ready to unleash! Plus, my degrees in Social Work from Johnson C. Smith U and from UPitt have prepared me to keep AutoCorrect the Lipper and the rest of our B* Syncs on task and in line without their even knowing I’m the one pulling the strings.

Yes, I’m serving on the Cancer Survivors’ Park Alliance board; and, yes, I’m a waytooyoung cancer survivor; and, yes, I work with cancer patients and their families every day at the Bon Secours Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center. But IN NO WAY is this election rigged in my favor…. except for the fact God smiles and winks at me daily!

I do want to give a huge thanks to all my supporters: My family, friends, colleagues, and, of course, my kindergarten boyfriend. (Sorry I left you for fingerpainting. I had my art career to think about at the time.)

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