Saturday, August 17th at 6:30pm
Downtown Greenville Theatre on College Street

Joel Perkins

204 points | The Mud Brothers
Joel is President of John Perkins Industries, Inc., a family owned warehousing and logistics company.
Born and raised in Greenville, Joel graduated form Wofford College with a degree in Economics. Joel is happily married to his wife Elizabeth for 28 years, and has two children, Allie (26) and Read (24). After his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer, she under went a successful surgery and is now Cancer Free!! Joel was introduced to the Cancer Survivors Park by Elizabeth during her recovery and saw the good it does for the community and all those affected by Cancer.
Joel is ‘Coming to Ya”,  August 17th, as one of the Mud Brothers. Get ready for some Souuul for your Lip Syncing Pleasure!!!

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