Saturday, August 17th at 6:30pm
Downtown Greenville Theatre on College Street

Angela Rodriguez Sawyer

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Angela Rodriguez, you’ll quickly discover, is one of the best, most enthusiastic multi-taskers you’ll ever meet. Angela founded Encore Realty, serves as the Broker In Charge, is an Emmy award winner, and is always juggling love and chaos.

Angela married her first crush, Steven Sawyer, fifteen years ago. They were both raised in Key West, Florida. He made her heart pitter-patter in middle school and now they share two beautiful children, Sloan (10) and Dalton (7).

Angela calls her mother, Charla Rodriguez, her guiding light, best friend and favorite alibi. Cancer rocked the family in 2016, when Charla was diagnosed with breast cancer. When a Hurricane in Florida interrupted Charla’s chemotherapy, Dr. Joe Stephenson found a way to get her emergency treatment in Greenville, in a matter of days. Charla beat cancer and moved to Greenville in 2020 to be closer to her grandchildren. Last year, she underwent another mastectomy and had her final reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Joseph Cart DeBrux, in May of this year.

Prior to becoming a force in the local real estate world, Angela worked as an on-air news anchor for a local TV station where she won an Emmy for outstanding investigative reporting. Angela loves helping her community and would welcome the opportunity to help you or your family.

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